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The experienced executive benefits professionals at Fulcrum Partners Houston are committed to providing the highest levels of service to the “best of the best”. Whether the need is disability income planning, a review of supplemental benefits, or benchmarking and evaluation of deferred compensation and benefits plans, Fulcrum Partners works to achieve optimal outcomes for both the company and its executives. When long- and short-term objectives are addressed, retention is enhanced and a stronger organization emerges.

Some of the biggest names in business today, including both publicly-held and large private companies, entrust their executive benefits consulting needs to Gus Comiskey and Stephen Kaufman of Fulcrum Partners Houston, part of Fulcrum Partners LLC. 


Executive Benefits and Deferred Compensation Team

Gus Comiskey and Stephen Kaufman, Fulcrum Partners Houston

There are times in business when outside forces converge to create an unprecedented moment of opportunity. The decisions made during this time are pivotal. They can lead to a great business success—or to lost potential.

When companies, compensation committees, and executives are equipped with accurate insights and an understanding of current and deferred pay elements, they can make thoughtful decisions that increase retention, enhance recruiting, and reward directors, executives, and employees in meaningful ways. Loyalty grows, and organizations are positioned to be stronger and more competitive.

Gus Comiskey and Stephen Kaufman of Fulcrum Partners Houston, along with all the Fulcrum Partners consultants nationwide, recognize that in any organization, there exists an optimum balance between incentive, reward, retention, transparency, and cost.

Our objective is to help you and your organization achieve that equilibrium.

Gus Comiskey Jr.

Managing Director

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Gus Comiskey

Gus Comiskey, Jr. is President of Comiskey Kaufman Consulting, LLC and is a Managing Director with Fulcrum Partners. Fulcrum Partners recognizes Gus as an industry pioneer in designing and funding nonqualified executive benefit plans. Together with Stephen Kaufman, in 1978, Gus founded Comiskey Kaufman, Inc. After selling their organization to…

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Stephen M. Kaufman

Managing Director

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Stephen Kaufman

Stephen Kaufman is Chairman of Comiskey Kaufman Consulting, LLC and is a Managing Director with Fulcrum Partners. Together with Gus Comiskey, in 1978, Stephen founded Comiskey Kaufman, Inc. After selling their organization to Clark Consulting in 2002, Stephen joined Clark as a Managing Director in their southwest region. In 2007, Stephen…

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Deferred Compensation:

The Need to Turn Benefit Plans into Benefit Strategies

“Time for a Change: The increased competition for executive talent is causing companies to rethink their entire approach to executive benefits and retirement philosophy. Companies that are not already deep into reviewing their philosophy may want to move quickly.” ~Stephen Kaufman

In any discussion of benefit plans, deferred compensation, supplemental benefits, and disability income, the question is often asked, “Why defer compensation?”

Some of the reasons include:

  • Reducing income taxes payable now
  • Earnings on deferrals growing tax-deferred
  • Variety of “measurement funds” across multiple investment style categories
  • Establishing an accumulation vehicle for short and long-term needs
  • Creating an additional source of retirement income

Fulcrum Partners Nationwide Offices

Fulcrum Partners Houston and the nationwide team at Fulcrum Partners deliver bespoke benefits planning services, customized to provide guidance on the various design elements of an organization’s executive benefit and employee benefit plans. The knowledge base of the senior consultants at Fulcrum Partners is both deep and diverse, with partners averaging more than 31 years of financial services experience that covers a range of industries and professions. As an independent consultancy with 13 nationwide offices, the team at Fulcrum Partners utilizes an open architecture business model, representing the best practices available in today’s marketplace. 

Fulcrum Partners is an Independent Member of the BDO Alliance USA.